About registration

QIf I lose my Student ID Card, how can I get a replacement?

A:  The university smartcard system is open for online report of lost card around the clock. If you lose your card or

      want to have a replacement, you must login the smartcard system to report and provide information. Then the

      system will transmit the report to Easycard Corporation automatically for you to refund the deposit in the card.

      After reporting the lost card online, you should go to the office of academic affairs to request a replacement.

      (Even if there is no deposit in the card, you still have to report online as .)   

QIf I have been offered admission but cannot enroll in the year, can I defer my enrollment (retain my student  status)?

AAccording to Article 8 ofAcademic Policies”of the University, newly admitted students who are unable to

       enroll on time due to illness, special conditions, or military service must, by the deadline of registration,   

       provide verifying documents to request for approval of deferring enrollment for one year.

QI am a freshman. How can I submit my personal information?

AFreshmen should get to the University homepage ( and login    

       the “School Management System” to submit personal information. Those who fail to do so will be asked to

       do it during registration in order to complete the procedure of registration.

QHow do I update my personal information including name, address, and telephone number?

ATo change the name and address, you must bring a Household Certificate Transcript, fill in the form. and

       apply to the clerk at Section of General Academic Affairs. The section provides application forms for

       various purposes.


QHow can I request a Certificate of Enrollment?

AAccording to the rules, you can make a copy of your student ID card and bring it to be stamped by Section of

       General Academic Affairs. The stamped copy can serve as a Certificate of Enrollment. Freshmen who have

       not obtained student ID card can request the certificate from Section of General Academic Affairs. .


QIf I am not interested in studying at the department after getting admitted, can a student of four-year programs transfer to another department? What are the requirements and regulations on application for transfer?

AAccording to the regulations governing inter-department transfer, students of the University may apply to

       transfer to another department at the end of the first year, except students of two-year programs. If you

       transfer at the end of the second year as a sophomore, you will remain a sophomore in the third year after the

       transfer. For details of requirements, quota, and procedure of transfer application, please refer to regulations

       governing inter-department transfer.


QI am a student of KUAS currently. How can I request a Chinese transcript?

AYou don’t need to fill a form to request a Chinese transcript. Please go to the automatic paying machine at the

       university gate to pay the fees. Current students will receive a Chinese transcript from the machine

       immediately after payment.


QI graduated from KUAS. How can I request English Certificate of Graduation and transcript?

A1. You must fill a request form for English Certificate of Graduation and attach a photocopy of your passport

           page that indicates your Chinese and English names. The charge of a Certificate of Graduation is NT$50.

           You will receive the certificate in three work days.

      2. You must fill a request form for English transcript and attach a photocopy of your passport page that

          indicates your Chinese and English names. The charge of an English transcript is NT$20. You will receive

          the transcript in three work days.


QI lost my Certificate of Graduation. How can I request a replacement?

A:  To request a replacement of Certificate of Graduation, you should go to Section of General Academic Affairs,


        1. The request form

        2. A two-side copy of National ID Card

        3. NT$100 for the cost

 About curriculum and courses

QHow can I enter a minor study?

A1. According to regulations governing minor studies at the University, students of each department who

           complete courses of the first academic year may, from the next semester, choose to study a minor at one of

           the existing departments of the University.

2. Students who apply to study a minor must apply, within three days after registration

    in each semester, to the department of the major with the transcript of the previous

    years of study and the application form. The application shall be reviewed by the

    Department Head, who confirms that the applicant possesses the abilities to study a minor,

    then sent to the Department Head of the minor for approval, and finally

    sent to Section of General Academic Affairs for the Dean of Academic Affairs to approve.

3. For details, please contact Section of General Academic Affairs.   


QHow can I apply to study double major?

AUndergraduate students of the University who complete the previous academic year’s

       courses with academic excellence may, from the second year to the first semester of

       the fourth year, (not including the extended period of study), apply to study a second major

       at a department of different nature. Details please refer to “Regulations

       Governing Double Major Studies” of the University.


QIf students of daytime programs, due to special reasons, cannot continue to participate in a class after the deadline of course add/drop, how can they withdraw from the course?

A1. Application procedure: complete the “Course Withdrawal Application Form.” Have the

           form signed by the class advisor, course instructor, and Department Head for approval. Send

           the form to Section of General Academic Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs,

           to be processed.

       2. Application time: students must apply after mid-term examination and complete the

           procedure by December 15 for the first semester and May 15 for the second semester.

QDoes the University have a rule to withhold student’s eligibility to take final exam?

AAs Article 38 of “Academic Policies”of the University stipulates, students whose hours of absence with and

       without leave reach one-third of class hours of a specific course in the semester shall not be allowed to take

       the final examination of the course. The grade of the course will be zero. The hours of absence include all

       kinds of leave the student has taken, except official business leave, bereavement leave, and maternal leave.

      Section of General Academic Affairs will send the notifications of withholding final exam in the 16th week of

      the semester.